Christamarianne Mission Hospital’s Outpatient Department operates round the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Clients seeking medical assistance approach the facility,register at our Reception Desk and thereafter receive services accordingly.

Emergencies are given highest priority and our very able medics are always on standby to perform the required medical procedures. The Outpatient Department works in collaboration with the Clinical Team, Radiology and Imaging, Minor Theatre and Laboratory to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.

Moreover, since we are an NHIF accredited facility, our clientele who have chosen Christamarianne Mission Hospital as there Outpatient Facility of choice are entitled to receive necessary medical attention as meets their health insurance package.

The Inpatient department caters for services offered to patients who have been admitted to the ward and discharged following treatment. The Patients in question are put under observation to receive specialised care and treatment by our capable team of medics. All beneficiaries of NHIF are entitled to certain inpatient services that meet their category.