GECS train Christamarianne Staff on Emergency Care and Trauma Skills


The Global Emergency Care Skills (GECS) organization trained over a hundred healthcare workers at Christmarianne Mission Hospital in emergency care and trauma skills. The training took place in the month of February 2020 and ran for close to four days. The aim of the training was to demonstrate how medics ought to respond to emergency and trauma, and also impart the necessary skills to save lives.

GECS is an Irish voluntary, non-profit organization with the objective of providing emergency care training to doctors and nurses in countries with developing healthcare systems with the aim of keeping morbidity and mortality in check.

Learning was accomplished through seminars, workshops, group discussions and question and answer sessions. A large portion of the training involved simulation of life threatening incidences using mannequins (medical simulation dolls).

GECS does not charge any fees to train healthcare workers. The organization is an NGO and relies on donor funding to conduct such valuable training sessions. Their trainings are funded through voluntary contributions from instructors and from fundraising activities. 

In addition, GECS donated a book to the facility library titled ECG Interpretation, it’s easier when you know how by Dr. Richard Lynch. The book is a must have for students and practitioners to improve their knowledge of ECG interpretation.